Our Marine Engineering team bring to the table a wide range of experience of machinery installations – gas turbine, diesel, CODAG and diesel electric up to 30MW in power.

Marine Engineering

  • Propulsion System Design – Selection of Main & Auxiliary Machinery
  • Machinery Layouts & Arrangements
  • Propulsion System Alignment Analysis
  • Propulsion System Torsional, Transverse & Axial Vibration Analyses
  • Exhaust System Back Pressure Calculations
  • Auxiliary System Design
  • Machinery Space Ventilation design

Pipework Design & Installation Arrangements

  • Schematic Design (P&ID)
  • Sizing & Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Material Selection
  • Component Selection
  • Installation Drawings

Electrical Design

  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Electrical One Line Diagrams
  • Electrical Installation Drawings
  • Component Selection